During the youth project, the young volunteers were prepared for a hackathon for a few days through different workshops. This […]
In this poster on the topic of Animal Voices, the side effects of the use of animals were examined in […]
Our poster for the Animal Voices project addresses the problems that animals living on the streets have. In many countries […]
Our Animal welfare poster addresses the problem of ”Exploiting animals for human benefits”.We divided our poster into four different categories […]
The large poster related to our thoughts on animal voices… we did a little brainstorming and came up with 4 […]
We summarized how people treat the animals in 3 main categories in our country. We wrote some basic problems and […]
The poster focused on four topics of interest: wildlife, farming, stray and pet management, and environmental. Firstly, we structured the […]
In my country we have shelters for dogs, but still there are a lot of stray dogs. There are places set […]
Animal welfare for me means that there is more help and support from the state (animal shelters and similar services). […]
Animal welfare is treating animals fair, as the individuals they are. Their life are significant as much as pets or […]