During the youth project, the young volunteers were prepared for a hackathon for a few days through different workshops.

This serves as a communication tool for the young adults to present their ideas on the topic ”Animal Voices”. 

The question the 7 teams dealt with was ”How to reduce plastic waste in oceans, and this can save the lives of many animals?”

A very significant topic, considering how many animals are found dead every day with an alarmingly high amount of plastic detected in their bodies.

At the end of 6 hours of hard work, the 7 teams, could present to a professional jury, 7 prototypes aimed at reducing this problem. 

In the end, the hackathon was won by the group with the prototype ”Trash Up”.

Their idea was to develop an app that would use drones to clean the beaches and this reduce plastic waste. 

The drones are to be placed in specific areas and can be operated from anywhere.

This allows everyone to do something good for the animals and environment with little effort.

Everyone in the group won a tech device and a trip together in 2023 to spend a week at the university in Santiago de Compostela to work on prototypes. 

Congratulations again!


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