In my opinion, animal welfare refers to the condition of animals when they feel good, their life is not treated […]
Animal welfare is a concept where you believe that animals are sentient beings and you have to behave accordingly. It’s […]
For me, animal welfare means that animals can be treated really good (or bad) and it’s about general level of […]
Provide animals with what they need to live in a dignified way, with medical assistance, food, a place where they […]
For me animal welfare represents the type of treatment the animals get. It consists of taking care of the animals, […]
For me the welfare of animals is that they animals have food. All the care they need. Maybe have a […]
For me, animal welfare is the humane treatment of all animals. That includes pets, wildlife, stray animals and farm animals. […]
Animal welfare is the situation in which animals are treated with respect they deserve. Their needs are taken care of […]
A subject I have learnt so many things. I didn´t know before coming here. A topic people need to get […]
Animal welfare for me is take care of animals (Yours and others),regulate some laws in order to improve the good […]