In my opinion, animal welfare refers to the condition of animals when they feel good, their life is not treated and their natural cycle is not intercepted. More specifically, when animal welfare exists, animals freedom is not violated, they live in their natural rhythm and humans won’t them for their own benefits. In addition, animal welfare is present when the natural habitat of animals is kept clean, and people don’t violate it.

I think that animal welfare does not exist when people hunt for pleasure and fun in this case, they literally just kill living beings. Secondly, when people go to natural zones and destroy them or disrupt the natural life. They throw rubbish, do things which scare or annoy animals and go on. 

Also, in the uses when being farms treat animals with substance, don’t provide good conditions for their life and detach the baby animals from their moms too additionally, when people dress animals in weird clothes and use them for fun – to reward funny videos, shows or other. When humans buy pets but later does not provide good care or throw them on street, this is also when animal welfare is violated.

What I would do about it is vote for the implementation of laws that for hunting and impose strict monitoring in areas where this is likely to occur. Also, monitoring and / or enough fines need to be imposed in natural areas where people usually violate the natural cycle. 

In addition, I’d vote for the creation of more volunteering organizations that go and are for the zones affected. For the firms- strict laws and regulations, regular checks on each place. For society as a whole regular awareness campaigns, social worldwide video actions.

Maria Farcheva (Bulgaria)


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