Search definition of animal welfare it’s impossible, and reductive. I think that it’s a duty, who no one can ignore, because every can do little daily action for the animals, our campaigns of in this big journey on this over useful planet. Little action changes a lot for them. we have no more excuses! So basically, for me animal welfare is take care the animals in any type of mode possible.   

Into our society have too many examples for situations where animal welfare does not exist. At the first, the intensive farm, where the animals struggle to move. The homeless animals left at the mercy of suburban streets and people’s cruelty and ignorance. The barbaric traditions of many countries who kill in the name of culture.

We can create center to awareness the people on what’s important doing, improvement the animal’s welfare, with help of a special worker and doing too much volunteering.

Alfredo Montanaro (Italy)


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