For me, animal welfare means that animals can be treated really good (or bad) and it’s about general level of happiness, day by day. It also represents the protection, love and care they possess. Animals should be able to live in a clean world, without humans invaded they place in ugly way.

To sum up, I think welfare of animals refers to the way they are treated, taken care of, bust most about humans decision about not ruining animals life.

Sadly, these kind of Situations where animal welfare are really common and they represent a huge problem and is an easy way for us to fail as humans. In my opinion, animals’ welfare is severely damaged when it comes to ZOOs, more products than needed in food industry, violence applied on animals and entertainment guaranteed by them. I may add another example about the situation of wild animals when it comes to the problem of deforestation. If we destroy their natural habitat they won’t get enough food and space and the species will be in danger.

I would like to support the activities regarding awareness on the topics presented earlier and to organize donations for building more shelters for the beautiful souls with no home. 

I will also look deeper into laws regarding the problems and then interpret them in a beneficial manner for the animals that experienced unnecessary suffering and to show the people the consequences of their actions.

Semsilla Filipan-Bora (Romania)


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