Animal welfare is treating animals fair, as the individuals they are. Their life are significant as much as pets or humans life’s. Animals aren’t products for us to use and exploit – they are living beings that have feelings. They care for their life and children.

They don’t want to spend their life behind bars in zoos, aquariums, farms etc. 

They are not born for our entertainment or use. In industrial farms cows are artificially impregnated and immediately after birth their child is separated from them. Male calves are sent to slaughterhouses in their first week, to be killed for meat. Females are kept until they are able produce milk for profit.’’

I am vegan as this lifestyle is causing the least harm for the animals. Our team is focused on spreading awareness regarding factory farming via digital media – social media, podcast, web page.

I am also raising the awareness through word of mouth in my community.

Nora Trifonova (Bulgaria)


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