Animal welfare means a lot to me. It represents quality life of the animals in suitable conditions. It means they have enough food, they are not starving, they can escape hide from unreasonable conditions on the street. 

Animal welfare also includes good healthcare for all these creatures. People also should be nice to the environment in order not to disturbs natural habitats of the animals, so they can live quality life without stress.

When it comes to responsible behavior towards nature (protection habitats etc.) It doesn’t exist in case of street animals because they are not having enough shelters, food, healthcare. Some pets can be tortured at home or hunting and killing protected animals.

Help in shelters. Giving food to street animals. Donating money to the organizations. Saving animals and their natural habitats. These are things we need to do! Penalties for disturbing animal welfare. Better promotion of animal welfare, their rights and quality of life.

Dominik Jurašeková (Slovakia)


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