Animal welfare for me is a place and situation at the same time where animals can live and exist. It is also referred to their well-being and their ability to feed and care for themselves under some available conditions. The available conditions could be about the time, the weather, etc. Animal welfare could be also about the insurance that the animals are far away from bad living conditions and that their normal reproduction is not damaged.

Animal welfare does not exist in inappropriate conditions. I believe it doesn’t exist in a place where the animals are hunted and killed. The animal welfare also does not exist if the animals are violated or if the environment conditions have changed because of the humans. We can stop hunting and killing animals and start to protect them.

For example, we can replace animal testing with testing with blood cells, we can also choose not to visit any places when they are populated from many animals. We can stop using animals for entertainment and violating them at the same time.

But we can only change that, if we are aware about the problem and how important the animals welfare is. We can always raise awareness and educate people and the current issues should always be openly discussed. Also we can raise awareness about other problems that effect the animal welfare like the environment and the biggest issues about the environment is the global warming. I think the best way is the people to understand how deep the issue is and stop hurting the animals, start addressing the problems connected with it.


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