For me the welfare of animal is to ensure that they are recognized the dignity of life, the rights to live in a suitable habitat for a good lifestyle (food and space available) and their rights not to be exploited for the well-being of humans.

Animal welfare does not exist, for example, indoors wild ones where wild animals are not protected from poaching, even in various intensive farms where they don’t have the opportunity to live even in a healthy and adequate space for their needs.

Animal welfare does not even exist in domestic habitats where they are mistreated by their owners or in inform realities when some pets are abandoned and on not suitable for living, for example in neighborhood.

For me many solutions have few formalized through rules or laws, but the executive component of the law is very fallacious, so for me it’s necessary to intensify the control over natural areas in general, and in unfair realities.

Moreover, to make this possible it’s necessary to allow the development of the civil conscience of the European population regarding animal rights through the inclusion of certain elements in school curriculum.


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