Animal welfare is about treating animals with respect and finding ethical methods to coexist with them. It encompasses farming, wildlife, zoos, pet animal and work animals. To me, animal welfare translates to a sign of humanity as caring for animals derives from compassion, consideration and most importantly respect. As a species, it is an indirect etiquette of humanity as it is likely to treat animals the way me treat each other.

Unfortunately, there are numerous situations which lack animal welfare, with the first example that comes to mind is massive deforestations and disruptions to their natural habitats. Another situation is in circuses and zoos where animals are exploited for entertainment. Animal welfare is also absent in many dog shelters where animals are subject to bad conditions. Finally, we can talk about animal tests in the cosmetic industry as a controversial practice.

Find sustainable ways to exploit wood without causing massive disruption to forests (regulations to replant trees and impose a cutting annual rate for companies). Circuses and zoos could utilize new technologies such as holographic projections. Shelters require funding to be better equipped. Research without animal using taxing products.

Vlad Filip (Romania)


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