It is important that the rights of animals are respected, because only then can animal welfare exist.

This only applies if animals have rules not to be tortured, animals are kept in an appropriate manner, we accept that every animal is the same with the same rules (pet, free range animal, wild animal), animals are living beings and not objects and that animals protect against all kinds of psychological or physical harm.

The problem is that animal protection does not yet exist in all countries. Animals are exploited for the pleasure of humans (Animal market, animal attractions for humans etc.). Also farms cannot guarantee animal welfare because their natural way of life is being interfered with.

I think there must be firm rights for animals. Education in all countries (about the rights of animals, proper handling, improper handling, etc.). The animal trade must be restricted so that there are more controls. We can use the internet and companies for reconnaissance!

Jolina Fabienne Mora (from Germany but lives in Spain)


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