Animal welfare affects to the treatment that the animal achieves and its state dewing this case. It is more about the health condition of the animal. It is physical and mental needs. It’s important for the animals to have the right treatment so they can reproduce their natural behavior and feelings.

Animal welfare is significant because there are all so many animals in our world that are still suffering from being used be entertainment, medicine, makeup testing, scientific researches and advancements, and also for exotic pets. For example, there are countries like China, Vietnam, Iran where the animals rights are on a lower level.’’

In my opinion, every person has his free will to change his eye towards improving animals welfare. I will strive to purchase cruelty-free cosmetic and household products, take part in volunteer organizations, adopt a pet, maybe also try to go vegan step by step, subscribe to a blog that provides talked about animal welfare and sanctuary situations. Of course distributing flyers to people at events and stores good opportunity to have deal communication.

Magdalena Dimitrova (Bulgaria)


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