Animal welfare for me means ”carrying the government or the politicians for the animals” It is like animal politico that every country needs. Animals are very important for our country because they give us milk, eggs, and other products.  But we have to take care of the animals, also for the animals who give us nothing, like the street animals!

In North Macedonia the government do not care enough for the animals. It is not vaccinated, they don’t have enough food and water, sometimes cars on the streets hurt them etc. 

I think that are enough to explain that animal welfare does not exist. It is awful! Just volunteers are trying to take care about the animals.  

I only can help the animals in my own country. Because there are a lot of corruption in my country. Me alone cannot change animal welfare completely. That’s the reason why my country has so many problems with this topic.

Dragana Trifunova (North Macedonia)


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