It is the current situation in which the animal is. It includes the well-being and the health conditions in which it lives. Good animal welfare is one where there is disease prevention, treatments on time, shelters, hygiene and other healthy habits. Protecting animal welfare means providing animals its physical and mental needs.

Some of the farms where the hygiene and sanitary conditions are bad. The shelters they live in are not ready for the different seasons and change of weather and temperatures. As a result of that animals usually get sick and in most of the cases die. Also, in some villages the horses are being beaten to do the work on plant lands.

For the farms I would send regular environment control to check the state of the shelters and animals. I’d make the veterinary medical weekly checks mandatory and if they skip regular checks and don’t respect the rules there will be fines for people. The same implies for the people that beat horses and other animals for their needs and work purposes.

Filip Jamalov (North Macedonia)


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